Kansas City Junior Tennis League was formed in 1954 to provide organized team match play for beginning and novice tennis players in the Kansas City metropolitan area. KCJTL is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation, under IRS code 501c7. The league is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by representatives of the member clubs and facilities. Each club/facility has volunteer parents who organize the team ladders and supervise league matches and a tennis professional who oversees the program.


The day-to-day operation of the league is handled through management hired by the Board of Directors. The league office, run by the KCJTL Executive Director, handles the management and operations of the league; acts as a central clearinghouse for inquiries and information; is responsible for all scheduling; distributes league standings; collects all rosters, registration forms and fees; and coordinates overall management of league competition and the postseason tournament.


Section A

Member organizations must pay a $150 deposit due February 30th. This deposit will be applied toward final dues payment. In the event a club cannot enter a team after paying the deposit, they can get a full refund ($150) until April 1st, half the fee refunded ($75) between April 1st and May 15th, and after May 15th, no registration fee refund is available. Late fees will also be added after February 15th. A $50 late penalty will accumulate every 30 days. Late fees are non-refundable.

Section B

Each club or program must submit a certificate of insurance by May 15th of each year indicating coverage is in place for a minimum of $1 million for general liability for its team and the use of its facilities for KCJTL regular season matches. KCJTL must be named an additional insured on the certificate.

Section C

Member organizations must pay dues for each player that is listed on the roster at the beginning of the KCJTL season. This due date will be provided at the Spring informational meeting. Full dues must be paid for each player that is added to the roster during the season. KCJTL dues are nonrefundable. An exception may be made for illness or injury but will require a note from the player’s physician. This request for a refund must be presented in writing with the physician’s note to the KCJTL office by July 10th of the KCJTL season. A player’s decision not to participate is not a valid excuse for a refund.

Section D

Clubs must have at least four courts available from 1-3 pm on interclub day (1-2:30PM for 10&U). Drinking water and restroom facilities must be available onsite. The courts must have a center strap properly attached to the court, no dangerous cracks and accessible water. A club pro, club representative or team coordinator must be readily accessible to players at all times for questions or problems that may arise. Additional courts are required if more than one team is being seeded in the same age group.

Section E

Facility guest fees shall not be charged for the use of courts for scheduled KCJTL matches or the KCJTL tournament. Regular season and tournament matches must be played at no charge to KCJTL or its players.


Section A

A minimum of six players must be registered in an age/gender division for teams competing in ei-ther the Aces or Ads Divisions, unless prior board approval has been given. When clubs/organizations submit their rosters, they select the division in which they want each of their team(s) to compete: Aces or Ads. (All teams from a club need not compete in the same division. Aces is a higher competition level than Ads.) When clubs/organizations submit their request, they should justify this position with background information about their players. However, the final seeding decision for division placement is at the sole discretion of the KCJTL Seeding Committee. All decisions are final. Balls (orange, green dot and yellow) are provided by the home teams for league play.

Section B

Clubs/organizations may enter any or all of the following age/gender divisions:

  • 10 & U Girls
  • 10 & U Boys
  • 12 & U Girls
  • 12 & U Boys
  • 13 & Over Girls
  • 13 & Over Boys
*The 10&under age division is the only division allowed to field a team with boys and girls. The division in which they play will be determined by majority of gender. All other age divisions must have separate boys and girls teams.

Section C

To field a 10 & Under team, the club MUST adhere to the following:

  • Provide 60 foot courts with permanently marked or adhesive lines (no lay down markings)
  • Provide, new at the beginning of the season, orange balls for match play (50% compression)
  • Provide two pro/staff members or one pro/staff and one parent helper on court during the entire match

Section D

To field a 12 & Under and/or 13 & Over team, the club MUST adhere to the following:

  • Provide, new at the beginning of season, green balls for match play (75% compression) 12 & U
  • Provide, new for each match, yellow balls for match play 13 & over

Section E

If a club has at least 14 players on one age/gender ladder, they may be able to enter two teams in that age/gender division. To enter two teams in one age/gender group, a club MUST have the following:

  • A minimum of 7 players per team minimum on the roster
  • At least 6 courts available for play from 1-3 PM on that age group’s day of play (Monday, Tues-day or Thursday). The six courts must be in one location OR the club/organization must have four courts available at two different locations for a total of eight courts
  • The club/organization must agree to play its top six available players on its No. 1 team and supply no less than six players on a subsequent team each week
  • The subsequent team will compete in the Ads division for interclub and tournament play in the first year, unless an exception is granted by the KCJTL Executive Director and Board of Directors

Section F

If a club requests more than 4 teams in one age division, along with 5(e), it is necessary to have an additional four courts for play every week during the season.

Section G

All player registration and team rosters must be completed on-line by May 15th. A team must meet the minimum player guideline to be included in the schedule (as explained in Rule 5(a) above).

Section H

After May 15th, players may only be added to a team’s roster online. No players may be added after June 30th. All players must pay full dues to compete in any portion of the KCJTL season.